Fly and Insect Screens

We are suppliers of high quality insect screens and screening systems for both trade and domestic applications. We offer a choice of either supply only screens or a nation-wide supply and fit service.

Fly Screen Systems

Get maximum protection from flying pests by using our fly screen systems with any type of window or door!

Our specially designed systems have been tested in our workshops to ensure they operate effortlessly providing you with all the protection you need from insects.

Our fly screen systems can be manufactured and installed on-site anywhere in the UK so you’ll get a unique, made to measure curtain, as well as a full “spares and repairs” service to help your screen systems provide you with the same high level of protection year after year.

What are the benefits of our fly screen systems?

With so many types of fly, insect, and beetle finding their way into your home it can be hard to know which product will be most effective. The wide range of repellents, traps, and lights help to combat the issue of flying pests, but we all know that some work better than others. And of course, you still have to listen to the flying pests buzzing around the room before they’re caught!

The easiest, more obvious, and most humane method of keeping insects away is to stop them getting into your home in the first place, and that’s where our fly screen systems come into play. Our most popular product is the door fly screen system because they remove the need for endless purchases of fly repellents and traps, because after all, who wants to find dead flies all over the place?

So the question is what are your options and how can our screens benefit your home or business premises?

Mesh Fly Screen Systems

It doesn’t matter how fly screens are designed, the chances are they are all made from aluminium mesh. This is because aluminium is lightweight, doesn’t rust, and various sizes of mesh are available, making them perfect for tackling a selection of insects, and of course, the unpredictable British weather!

The size of mesh you choose depends on which type of insects you’re trying to keep out. For example, the standard size mesh, 16 x 18, will keep out the majority of beetles, insects, and flies, but smaller pests will squeeze through the gaps. If you have a problem with smaller insects, such as midges, then you’ll need to consider a finer mesh, 20 x 20 for instance.

However, you’ll need to think about any other types of animal that you’re trying to keep out, or in. Pests such as rodents that you’re trying to keep out, and pets such as cats and dogs that you’re trying to keep in will easily force their way through a fine mesh screen, so choosing a heavy duty door screen system would probably be a better option.

Fly or Insect Door Screen Systems

Although they aren’t commonly seen in the UK fly door screen systems have been used for decades in countries all over the world. The easiest way to describe door screen systems is to think of them as a secondary door, made of mesh, that opens independently from the main door of the property. This type of design allows you to leave the outer door open, letting fresh air into the house, whilst the closed mesh screen keeps pests out.

Because the door screen system is made on a frame they can be made to fit almost any size of door or window frame, plus there is the option to have the screen installed or, if you’re a bit of a DIY buff, you can fit it yourself. The design allows the screen to be used on outer doors, larders, pantries, and even between rooms as a way of keeping larger pets confined in a certain room.

Pet owners have reported that they find door screens a better option that stair gates as their pets cannot jump over the screen and they are still able to see their pets and maintain airflow throughout the house.

Mesh Curtain Designs

This is another popular design for fly door screen systems because they are much less restrictive and still allow pets to move around the house whilst keeping flying pests and rodents out.

The curtains are designed to form a seamless barrier made of mesh strips that fall easily back together once a person, or pet, has passed through. The lightweight aluminium material allows the curtains to be rolled up when not in use but they still have enough weight to fall into place, keeping your home protected.

This is the ideal solution for homes with pets or children, they can be used for doors or windows, and there is even the option to include UV filter protection if you choose a finer mesh curtain.

Fly Roller Screen Systems

This design is the perfect combination of the door and curtain systems and can be used just like a standard roller blind.

The wide strips of mesh are rolled up into a protective, spring loaded, housing cassette which is then attached above the door or window that you would like to protect. When you want to use the screen you simply roll it out and clip it to the bottom of the door or sill with the magnet or clip mechanism provided. When you’re done just unclip the screen and it will roll itself away!

If you’re looking for a discreet, subtle system to protect your home from pests then this is the perfect choice for you.

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