Plastic Strip Curtains

It wouldn’t surprise us to find out that you don’t know much about plastic strip curtains, or how they work, but don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

Plastic strip curtains are a simple way of dividing a room or creating a “wall” of plastic in front of an opening in a solid wall. These curtains work in exactly the same way as your fabric curtains at home by hanging from the top of a window or door frame. Of course plastic strip curtains are made of clear plastic so although they are heavier they still allow people to pass through easily.
PVC Curtains example

What are Plastic Strip Curtains used for?

PVC Strip CurtainPVC Strip Curtains


There are many benefits to having plastic strip curtains installed in your business premises. Firstly, they help to retain the heat in the building whilst still allowing staff and vehicles to pass through. Not only does this reduce energy waste but it will also reduce your utility bills. Another good thing about installing plastic strip curtains is that they are a low maintenance option, meaning you won’t have to take time out to clean, fix, or repair them for a significant amount of time.

Who uses Plastic Strip Curtains?



Large Warehouse PVC Curtains


Once you know about plastic strip curtains you’ll be amazed at how many places you’ll spot them being used. You’ll see them used most often in premises such as supermarkets, warehouses, and builder’s yards, however, they can be used anywhere that there is a high traffic opening that requires insulation.  The secret to the success of plastic strip curtains is that they offer a secure, draught free solution to rooms needing insulation, without blocking access or slowing down the working day.



The bottom line for plastic strip curtains…

We hope that’s given you more information about plastic strip curtains, their benefits, their uses, and where you’re most likely to spot them. If you want to see examples of plastic strip curtains in action then keep an eye out for warehouses, shops, factories, or any premises that has a high number of vehicles or forklifts pass through.


The main reason that most people use plastic strip curtains is because of their fantastic ability to insulate, keeping heat inside, whilst still allowing staff, drivers, and sometimes customers to use the space quickly and effectively. If you’re wondering “why plastic?” then the reason is simple. It’s the only material that can realistically be used to provide both insulation and ease of use.

So if you’re looking for an insulation solution for your warehouse, shop, or other business premises you might want to consider installing plastic strip curtains for a cost effective, long lasting solution.

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