Where can I get discount PVC curtains?

Where can I get discount PVC curtains?

Get discounted PVC curtains online from plastic-curtains.co.uk

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the top suppliers of discount PVC curtains in the UK, having been trading in the Northwest of England for over 40 years. This has given us the knowledge we need to help our customers choose the most suitable products and the expertise to allow us to install that product anywhere nationwide. Our PVC Curtains are made from the best quality PVC and we have made the quoting and ordering process intuitive and practical.

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What types of curtain do you offer?

Being in the industry so long has given us the opportunity to discover the types of products our customers need. This is why we have chosen the most popular types of curtain and then given you the ability to adjust the specifications to suit your needs. We offer a few different types of discount PVC curtain:

  • Standard PVC Curtains – as the name suggests, these are standard strips of PVC which are completely transparent and are best suited to pedestrian entrances. They can also be used for access ways for light transport vehicles like pallet trucks. They come in a variety of thicknesses and widths and can be made into a curtain of almost any size.

  • Ribbed PVC Curtains – these curtains are very similar to the standard PVC, though they have the added benefit of being ribbed. This makes them more durable for access ways with a higher traffic usage, with vehicles like FLT’s often being used in areas with this grade of curtain. They do not limit the visibility from either side of the curtain, which keeps them in line with health and safety regulations.

  • Polar Grade Curtains – these curtains are often found in store houses, warehouses or on the back of refrigerated trucks and Lorries. They are able to maintain a temperature on either side of the curtain as they have great insulating properties. They can withstand temperatures between +20°C and -33°C, although they operate best at about -15°C as their flexibility is unchanged. These curtains only come in one size, 200mm x 2mm, but they can be modified to increase flexibility if required.

  • Welding Grade PVC Curtains – welding grade curtains are perfect for areas which have a lot of bright lights. The obvious tools these would protect against are welding torches, but also metal saws and many more. Welding grade curtains have a slight tint which protects the eyes from dangerous lights, so if you have welding going on in the same workshop as other jobs, this type of curtain can provide protection to the rest of the staff.

  • ‘Day Glo’ Edged Curtains – edged curtains are most often used for access ways which need to be highlighted. For example high traffic areas or emergency exits can be seen with red edge strips which helps drivers and pedestrians to identify potential hazards. ‘Day Glo’ edging is a new alternative to this which has a glow in the dark effect, making the edges glow in low light. This is ideal for premises which operate 24 hours.

  • Click on the link to find out more about the different types of PVC Curtains.

Do I have to get the curtain installed?

At plastic-curtains.co.uk we try to offer the most comprehensive service possible. However we understand hat not everyone is going to want an installer, they would much rather do the labour themselves. Provided that you don’t need any additional metalwork doing then we are happy to provide curtains on a supply only basis. If additional metalwork does need to be done, then the curtain will have to be installed by an engineer. If you are not sure, you can always get in touch with one of our customer service team.

How do I order?

Before you place your order you first need to know the dimensions of the area you want to cover. You should also have thought about what type of curtain you need, the fitting you want and the thickness and width of the strips. Our online quoting system is simple to use so as long as you have all the information to hand, you can have a quote in minutes. You simply input the measurements of the curtain, select the type of fitting, the dimensions of the individual strips, the overlap and select any edging, then update your quote. It’s as simple as that.

instant online quote for plastic curtains
Plastic-Curtains.co.uk Online Quote Calculator

If you have any questions regarding your order or any of the products listed on our site, or if you have a specific requirement not listed, please feel free to order by phone. You can discuss you order with a customer service representative and still receive a no obligation quote, regardless of whether you are calling us for the first time, or if you are a returning customers looking for something different. Check out our products and online ordering system now at www.plastic-curtains.co.uk

Why should I choose plastic-curtains.co.uk to buy PVC curtains?

Why should I choose plastic-curtains.co.uk to buy PVC curtains?

PVC Curtains: what are they?

PVC curtains are one of the most popular and versatile products of their kind, offering great benefits to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. They are used for so many different purposes in so many different settings, there are literally hundreds of places to buy PVC curtains across the UK. Naturally then, the initial thought when you stumble across a PVC curtain website is, why should I buy from you?

Outdoor PVC Curtains
PVC Curtains

It’s the natural reaction of the canny consumer. If there are so many providers of the product, how do you know you can trust them? What is the benefit of their curtains over the next search result in your web browser? Thankfully the companies that understand this natural inclination for most shoppers don’t just avoid it, they tackle it head on!

The Quality

Plastic-curtains.co.uk only stock the best quality curtains. This comes as a result of us building our business over a number of years and truly understanding the market we are selling to. Some of our customers have been buying products from us for years…the reason? All of our PVC curtains are made from top quality PVC which is made to last.

The Price

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is committed to offering our customers the best possible price we can. Our website is a division of Munsch & Co, who have been providing large scale sealing solutions amongst many other things. Because they buy all of the materials in bulk, we can pass down the discounts that they give us, to you, our loyal customers. This means there is absolutely no compromise in quality, just some clever business thinking and a desire to offer our customers the best service we possibly can.

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Our Reputation

The business has been established for over 40 years, which means we have had a lot of experience along the way, and of course made quite a few friends. We treat all of our customers the same, so whether you have been buying off us for years or it is your first order, you will be treated with the exact same courtesy and professionalism that we would expect to receive.

Why choose plastic-curtains.co.uk

We offer a reliable and professional service which includes delivery and fitting of PVC curtains anywhere in the UK. It’s no wonder we’re one of the top providers of plastic curtains in the Northwest of England.

Time Served

When you have been working in the industry as long as we have, you start to realise the things that customers want. Our expert installers and customer services team are trained using the wealth of knowledge we have built up over the last 40 years. That’s why they have the technical knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of ordering and installing your PVC curtains. We also have a comprehensive range of products which allow us to cater for the many different needs of our customers.

Our Product Range

Some suppliers and fitters of these types of product over complicate things. They offer a range of different grades of PVC curtain with special overlaps and fittings until you end up wondering what on earth you were actually looking for in the first place. With plastic-curtians.co.uk we only offer the essential selection and then allow you to customise them to suit your needs.

You can pick from options like Polar Grade curtains which can insulate to temperatures ranging between +20°C to -33°C which are ideal for large refrigerators and storehouses, or ribbed PVC curtains for high traffic areas. Then you can select the overlap you want, the fitting you want and any additional features without having to browse through hundreds of products to find the right curtain.

Our instant online quoting service

The best thing about ordering from plastic-curtains.co.uk is the fact you can get an accurate quote instantly through our website. You simply use drop down boxes to select the type of curtain, thickness of PVC, width, height, overlap and fittings and then click the quote button. We have designed our quoting process to be completely transparent, so you can be sure the price you see on the website is the price you will pay when you order. It really is that simple.

instant online quote for PVC curtains
Plastic-Curtains.co.uk Online Quote Calculator

Our customer service helpline

Sometimes you might not know what you need. The online quoting system might not be able to quote for your needs if you have a particularly specific or specialised requirement. This is why our customer service team is on hand to offer help and advice to all of our customers, even if you are just looking for a quote. You can get in touch via the contact us section of the website or simply call us and our agents will be happy to assist. Whatever you want your PVC curtains for, pay us a visit and see for yourself why we are one of the most trusted PVC curtain suppliers in the Northwest.

Industrial and plastic curtains in the UK

Where can I buy industrial and plastic curtains in the UK?

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the Northwest’s most well-established and reliable suppliers and installers of industrial and plastic curtains. This website is a trading name of W.C.Munsch and Co which has been operating from the Clarence Mill in Bollington, Macclesfield for over forty years. Bollington sits in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, just 10 miles from the bustling town of Stockport and 16 miles from Manchester.

instant online quote for plastic curtains
Click here for a plastic curtains online quote

Our website offers a reliable and professional service to Macclesfield and the surrounding areas, but we also offer a full delivery and installation service anywhere in the UK. Our website has a comprehensive range of PVC curtain and crash door products, fly and insect screens and PVC sheeting.

What are the differences between plastic and industrial curtains?

While both plastic and industrial curtains are made from PVC and hung in a similar way, they are quite different. PVC is one of the most resistant and durable materials on the market, which is why it is perfect for use in both small PVC curtains for everyday use, and industrial curtains which come in many different forms. Individual strips of PVC are hung from a track which allows them to form a seamless barrier between two areas. This can be to keep out insects or to stop air flow and control temperature on either side. They allow easy access for vehicles or objects to pass through and fall back into place immediately afterwards.

Plastic curtains

Your standard plastic curtain is not really suitable for heavy duty situations which will have a lot of vehicles passing through or needs to control air flow. Standard plastic curtains are the plain and simple PVC curtain which is often used in places like restaurants or takeaways, in kitchens either for business or in the home to keep out pests but let your animals in and out. They might also be used over a doorway when your kids are playing with paints or clay, but you still want to keep an eye on them from the next room. Plastic curtains are really the all-round solution for everyday situations.

Plastic curtains in the home

Plastic curtains can be really useful if you have small children, so you can block off doorways to stop small pets from escaping, but still leave an easy access way into the house for when your kids are out in the garden. They also keep out rodents and insects which is really useful if you live in a more rural area. They can also be used for garage doorways, larders and cellars to help control airflow, temperature and the presence of unwanted pests.

Plastic curtains in commercial settings

Often plastic curtains can be incredible efficient to use in premises like takeaway kitchens where drivers come in and out all evening as they allow constant access through a doorway, but stop unwanted insects and rodents from getting in to the kitchen. In a restaurant they can also be used between the kitchen and the dining area because PVC is an excellent acoustic insulator. As having happy customers is based partly on the customer dining experience, many restaurants will separate the front of house to stop noise from the kitchen and heat from spreading into front of house.

Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains actually covers a huge variety of different kinds of curtains. They are often used in industry which is why they are categorised differently from standard curtains. They have some properties which make them more durable and hardwearing, some have specialist properties like thermal insulation and others are there to provide protection from hazards such as bright lights. Aside from these specialist properties, they act in the same way as a standard PVC curtain.

Types of industrial curtains

Standard plastic PVC is often still used in industrial curtains, although they are usually thicker and the individual strips are wider with a larger overlap. This is because they are often used to cover much larger access ways. They also will last longer in areas which use small transportation vehicles like trolleys and pallet trucks. Industrial curtains will generally be fitted with ‘bolt on’ fittings rather than hook on fittings like plastic curtains.

Polar Grade Industrial curtains

Polar Grade curtains are specialist curtains designed to insulate temperatures ranging from +20°C to -15°C. This is the recommended temperature for these curtains to perform optimally, so they are often used in food storage and processing plants. They can also be used for large walk in freezers like the ones you see in top end kitchens, or even on the back of refrigerated Lorries and trucks. The polar grade industrial curtain can withstand temperatures as low as -33°C, but the strips of PVC will lose their flex. Anything below -65°C and curtain will break.

Ribbed industrial curtains

This style PVC curtain is much more frequently seen as an industrial curtain. It is ribbed to provide extra longevity for your curtain in areas which have high traffic, this helps to prevent scratching which in turn helps to maintain visibility and meaning less replacements are required. Again this type of curtain will generally have ‘bolt on’ fittings.

Welding grade industrial curtains

In a situation where bright lights are often used for things like welding or metal cutting, it can often be necessary to install some form of protective partition for the rest of the premises, i.e. the workshop, to ensure the rest of the staff are safe. These curtains are known as welding curtains and are tinted green or amber to reduce flash. If you are confined to a smaller space but still need protection, mobile welding screens are the perfect solution and can be moved around as required.

Day Glo Edging

This edging curtain is designed specifically for industrial settings. It has glow in the dark properties which allows the edges of high traffic areas to have bright red and green strips which will then illuminate when the light starts to fade. This is ideal to help with health and safety, but also makes the job of your staff a whole lot less hassle.

If you are looking for plastic and industrial curtains in the UK, plastic-curtains.co.uk has a fully transparent and comprehensive online ordering system which allows you to get an exact quote in a matter of seconds. If you are unsure about any of the products or would simply like to discuss your needs in more detail, please get in touch via the contact us section.

PVC curtains are used across many different industries, from the manufacturing industry through to commercial and retail businesses and even in residential settings. They are one of the most versatile products for creating a partition or barrier between areas of a premises, coming in many different styles, sizes, thicknesses and with varied properties to make them suited for many different types of job. A PVC curtain can come as a standard plastic curtain which is mainly used in commercial and residential settings or as an industrial curtain which is better for partitioning larger access ways in factories, warehouses and large workshops.

What are mobile welding screens?

How are mobile welding screens used?

Mobile welding screens are often used in workshops to separate an area which deals with bright lights like welding torches or metal saws to protect the rest of the staff working on other projects. PVC curtains are strips of PVC which are hung from a track to allow vehicles and people to pass through, which acts as a barrier between two areas of a building. Welding curtains come specially tinted to provide protection from dangerously bright lights.

stand up mobile welding screen
The mobile welding screen

Where can I purchase mobile welding screens?

A mobile welding curtain from plastic-curtains.co.uk is made from top quality materials making the screen durable and reliable. The mounting frame is made using black powder coated 3/4” steel tubing which provides a strong base for the PVC to be attached to. While this might sound like a fair amount of assembly time, the mobile welding screen is designed with ease of use in mind. You can get a quote for a a screen here: mobile welding screen quote.


  • The plastic welding curtain comes ready attached to the top hanging pole which makes the job a whole lot simpler, the legs of the frame come already attached to the hanging pole, so all you have to do is twist them out and secure them the first time that you use the screen.
  • The beauty of having the curtain already fixed in place at the top of the frame is that the sheet of PVC curtain simply rolls down and is then attached to the side poles of the base using screening clips that are also pre attached. The frame itself is made from a simple “click lock” mechanism which means you can click into place and move you screen where you need it to be. No complicated instruction manuals, no bags of screws, no mismatched holes.
  • The screen is made in a single size designed to fit almost anywhere, but if you do need to cover a larger area you can always set up multiple curtains, at a discounted price of course. The frame size is 1900mm high by 1510mm wide which is plenty of curtain for your standard welding kit. The welding curtain itself stretches 1415mm across leaving a small gap around the sides where the clips attach to the curtain. In the case of setting up multiple curtains, a small overlap is recommended. Although the curtain does reach to the top of the frame, there is a 320mm gap at the base of the curtain to the floor to allow airflow and stop the PVC welding curtain catching on objects on the floor.
  • Our mobile welding screens are lightweight and durable, but also cost effective to produce, so you can get the longest life out of your product without paying any extra.

Plastic-curtains.co.uk has been an established business for over 40 years, providing an efficient and reliable service with professional staff and top quality products, which is why we are one of the top providers of PVC curtains in the Northwest of England. We offer a full and comprehensive nationwide installation service, with the technical expertise to offer advice to our customers every step of the way.

We believe ordering your products should be simple and straightforward, which is why we have an instant and completely transparent online quoting system which allows you to pick the exact specifications for your plastic curtain needs and receive an exact quote. For any specialist products or to discuss your needs with a customer service representative you can simply get in touch using the contact number on our webpage or the contact us form.

Where can I get a quote for plastic curtains?

Where can I get a quote for plastic curtains?

Top quality plastic curtains…

Industrial Sector Plastic Curtains
Click here: plastic curtains online quote

If you are looking for a quote for high quality plastic curtains for your business, plastic-curtains.co.uk has some of the best quality PVC curtains on the market. We have been operating in the industry for over 40 years and have a wealth of experience in PVC curtains, PVC crash doors and fly screen systems. Our PVC curtains can help improve the efficiency of your business through lowering running costs, energy bills and increasing productivity. Our plastic curtains are durable and hardwearing and can be delivered and installed anywhere in the UK.

…at low prices

While our plastic curtains are high quality, made from durable PVC, they are also incredibly cost effective. At plastic-curtains.co.uk we stock curtains in all sizes and can make them to almost any dimensions required. Our PVC curtains are some of the most competitively priced curtains available online and we have a carefully selected range of products designed to suit the needs of our customers. We also have a dedicated customer service team who are on hand to discuss any questions or queries you might have about your plastic curtains.

Easy to use online quoting system

We have a fully comprehensive online quoting system so that you can get a quote for the most common types of curtains quickly and easily, including the exact size, style, fitting and overlap you require, which leads to you receiving a fully transparent and comprehensive price for your curtain. For more specialist curtains including coloured and perforated curtains and for additional steelwork options you can use the contact us section of the website.

How to use the online quoting system (steps below image):

instant online quote for plastic curtains
Plastic-Curtains.co.uk Online Quote Calculator

– Dimensions

Before you get a quote for plastic curtains you will need to know the dimensions you will require for your partition or access way. There is a simple input box which allows you to input the width and the height you will require. To get your online quote for plastic curtains you will need the sizes in millimetres, so one metre would be written 1000mm. You should also be aware that measuring the height required should be from the curtains track, or where the track will be, not just from the aperture of the doorway.

– Type of Curtain

The most important selection for getting a quote for plastic curtains is selecting the type of curtain you will require. This is the type of PVC strip that will be most suited to the situation. For instance if you need to maintain extreme temperatures on either side of the curtain, you would need to go for Polar Grade PVC strips. You can also select tinted welding curtains for insulating areas used for welding or other dangerously bright lights.

You will also need to select the width and thickness of your curtain. In a high traffic area which has lots of Fork Lift Truck traffic passing through you would need to go for a thicker grade of PVC and a wider strip. A 2mm thick curtain is suited to an area which has mostly pedestrian use, 4mm and upwards for vehicular access and so on. You can also choose to have ribbed PVC for those areas which have the most frequent and heavy traffic usage.

– Tracking

Tracking is what is used to fit the curtain to the wall above the doorway. If steelwork is required, your curtain will need to be installed by one of our installers, but if you already have functioning tracking installed then you can simply replace the PVC strips yourself. This is a simple yes or no selection, but if you are not sure you can always get in touch.

– Fittings

The choice of fitting is a drop down box which allows you to select either hook-on or bolt-on fittings. Bolt-on fittings are much more secure and are recommended for areas which have heavy Fork Lift Truck usage. The hook-on system is perfect for a situation which has more pedestrian use, allowing the removal and cleaning of the curtain when required, (in a food preparation area), or in situations where the curtain isn’t needed all year round.

– Overlap

The size of the overlap is also a drop down menu which allows you to select either minimum or maximum overlap. This change the amount of resistance the curtain has, a larger overlap is often used for high doorways of more than three meters. The amount of overlap is different for both hook-on and bolt-on fittings.

– Edging

The final selection you need to make to receive your quote for plastic curtains is whether or not your curtain needs edging. Edging strips are used to highlight the edges of doorways for drivers of vehicles like Fork Lift Trucks. Two red strips are placed on either side of the curtain in this instance. You can also choose to go for ‘DayGlo’ edging which has a glow in the dark effect. This health and safety feature makes the curtain edging ideal for low light levels in premises which operate until late evening or 24 hours.

The Final Step

All you need to do now is enter your email address and click Update Quote if you want to receive the quote by email, or you can simply choose the buy online button and you will be taken to your quote. You can then proceed to checkout or amend your selection before you place your order with www.plastic-curtains.co.uk


PVC curtains for warehouses

PVC curtains for warehouses

PVC curtains are used in a number of industries for many different purposes, but they are very often seen in warehouses and storehouses, anywhere where a large access way needs to have some form of barrier. PVC curtains are exactly as they sound, PVC strips which are made individually and then hung together on a track to form a seamless barrier or curtain.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
Warehouse PVC Curtains

The weight of the individual strips of PVC causes the curtain to stay together when it is not in use, then once the curtain is pushed through by a pedestrian or a small vehicle like a forklift truck, the strips part to allow access. Once the object or vehicle has passed through, the curtain then falls back into place forming a seamless barrier once again.

Warehouse PVC Curtains
Warehouse PVC Curtains

The thickness, width and overlap of the curtain can be adjusted depending on the intended use. If you are only looking to use the curtain in a pedestrian area then a thickness of 2mm would be perfectly adequate. A thicker PVC strip like a 5mm would be more suited to a high traffic area for vehicles like forklift trucks.

Why are PVC curtains used?

PVC curtains are used in warehouse environments because they are durable and hardwearing. PVC is renowned for being one of the most versatile and long lasting plastics available on the market, which is why it is used to create PVC strip curtains. PVC also has the added benefit of being transparent, which from a health and safety perspective makes them much more efficient than any other product on the market.

PVC warehouse curtains online quote

They are also efficient in other ways. Rather than use a door such as a sliding door, whether that is a manual one or an automatic door, PVC curtains can be used as a much more effective solution. Firstly PVC curtains are much cheaper than any kind of door, cheaper to buy and to maintain, repair and replace. They also take almost no time at all to install, which makes it less invasive than having a door installed.

Finally when a door is open, it lets out a lot of heat. In a warehouse where different temperatures are required on either side, having a door can mean wasting a lot of energy through air dispersion. A PVC curtain only opens an area large enough to fit the object that needs to pass through, which can help to reduce the amount of energy wasted through heat transfer.


What are the different types of curtain?

There are many different types of curtain that are used in warehouses. One of the most common is a standard grade PVC curtain. This type of curtain is plain and simple PVC strips and stops the transfer of debris, maintains regular temperatures and helps to stop rodents and insects from gaining access to the premises. It can also be used in small thicknesses and widths for the commercial sector too.

Different types of pvc curtains

Polar Grade curtains are used to maintain extreme temperatures. In warehouses which store chilled or frozen goods, Polar Grade curtains are used to maintain the low temperatures in these areas. They can withstand temperatures of +20°C to -33°C before turning brittle. These allow transport vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks to collect goods and move them without losing the ambient temperature in the chiller. These are often used in top kitchens and walk in fridges in a smaller form.

Welding curtains are sometimes used to separate warehouses from workshops and act to protect the workers in the warehouse from dangerous lights emitted by welding torches and other machinery. These curtains are simply standard grade PVC strips with a special tint to reduce glare from bright lights.

You can also choose to have your curtains ribbed if the area you will be installing them sees a lot of traffic from light transport vehicles. Ribbed curtains maintain visibility on both sides of the curtain, but also help to reduce the effects of scratches and bumps when vehicles pass through. This makes them more hardwearing and increases their lifespan.

The final type of curtain is an edging curtain. This is simply two strips which are placed on either edge of the curtain to highlight them for vehicle users. Very often the strip that is used is bright red to show a hazard, but for warehouses which operate in low light during evening shifts and night shifts, ‘DayGlo’ edging is a great solution. It has ‘glow in the dark’ properties and helps to increase the safety of the workplace.

Installing and Delivery

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the top providers of plastic curtains online. If you are having a fresh installation and need tracking installed, one of our installers can deliver and put up your curtain for you. This service can also be provided if your tracking is faulty or needs replacing. If you already have tracking installed you can simply order the curtain you need and have it delivered anywhere in the UK. You can also order individual replacements for strips in the case of repairing a current curtain.

Get a Quote Instantly

If you are looking for a quote for PVC curtains for your warehouse, Plastic-curtains.co.uk has an easy online quoting system which can provide you with an instant online quote for all of the most common curtain types. Input your measurements and curtain requirements and click buy online and you will have a chance to review your quote before you decide to checkout.

If you need any further guidance, or need specialist curtains such as perforated or coloured curtains then please feel free to contact our customer service team. We also offer a number of other great PVC products including PVC crash doors, children’s play curtains, fly and insect screens and mobile welding screens.


PVC curtains: 10 advantages

PVC curtains: 10 advantages

PVC curtains are one of the most commonly used means of creating a partition between two areas, while still allowing access to either side.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
PVC Curtains

They are used in the production and manufacturing industry, in small cotton industries, in the commercial sector and in catering and hospitality. They have many benefits to offer all kinds of businesses; here are ten of the most important:

1.PVC curtains are made from PVC

While it seems a silly thing to say is an advantage, being made from PVC is actually a huge benefit for any business who wants to buy a plastic curtain. PVC is known in the industry to be one of the most durable materials in the plastic family, and one of the most versatile too. PVC can withstand heavy knocks and scrapes, while still maintaining enough flexibility to create a curtain. It is also completely transparent and is a great insulator. PVC curtains are made from PVC plastic because it has a long lifespan, is cheap to produce and requires little maintenance.

2.They are incredibly cost effective to buy

PVC curtains might be one of the most versatile products of their kind on the market, but one of the distinct advantages over other products such as manual and automatic doors is the price they cost. Because PVC is such a widely used plastic, it costs very little to produce. This means that the finished products are also very good value for money.

3.They are much more efficient than alternative products

While they are cheaper than the alternatives, PVC curtains are also much more efficient. Due to the way they are designed, they allow a much smaller air flow between the PVC strips and the object passing through. This means they can maintain a constant temperature on either side better than both automatic and manual doors. They also are simply pushed through without the need to open them, even when small vehicles like fork lifts are passing through. This means that they take less time, increasing the productivity of staff and the business in general.

4.They conform to health and safety regulations

While doors do conform to health and safety regulations, PVC curtains allow a much better visibility. As they are completely transparent, it is easy for drivers of vehicles and pedestrians to check for hazards before using the curtain, which should help to cut down accidents in the workplace. You can also get ‘Day Glo’ edged curtains which glow in the dark, allowing emergency exits or high traffic areas to be obvious to all staff. This is especially useful if a business works late night shifts or operates 24hours a day.

5.Quick and easy installation

Depending on the type of fitting you go for, PVC curtains can either be installed by an installer or installed by the business. Bolt on fittings, or those curtains which require extra metalwork to be installed, will need the installation doing by a professional installer. However, for most curtains which use a simple hook on fitting, these can be installed quickly and easily by a contractor or maintenance staff. Installation takes very little time at all, so even if the curtains are being fitted for you, it shouldn’t interfere too much with the running of the business.

6.Delivery and Installation anywhere in the UK

Whether a business is fitting the curtain themselves, or a professional installer needs to come out to do the work for the business, they can be fitted or delivered anywhere in the UK. For more information about delivery rates or the cost of installation, please feel free to contact us.

7.Good Insulators

Because PVC curtains are made from high quality PVC, they are extremely good insulators of both noise and heat. This is why they are very often used in food production, processing or general manufacturing. In these industries, maintaining two different temperatures in different areas is common. Very often vehicular access is required in both areas, so a PVC curtain is used to contain the airflow. This can help to lower the cost of energy bills through decreasing the amount of work cooling and heating systems use, but also help to keep goods at the correct temperature without restricting access. They also provide good acoustic insulation, which allows you to drown out the sound of heavy machinery for the benefit of other areas of your business.

8.PVC curtains can keep out pests

One major concern for the food production industry or hospitality industry is the amount of pests and vermin which are attracted to the premises. The worst thing for any industry that deals in food is an outbreak of mice, rats or any kind of insect in the workplace. PVC curtains actually work to stop these kinds of pests from gaining access to the premises. Due to the weight of the PVC, the curtain hangs to form a seamless barrier which is heavy enough to keep out small rodents and insects, while still being simple for a pedestrian to walk through.

9. Vast range of different types of curtains

At plastic-curtains.co.uk we stock a vast range of pvc curtains, you can find more information about the different types of curtains here.

Different types of pvc curtains

10.PVC curtains are available online

The final advantage is possibly one of the greatest. PVC curtains can be created to any specification, with different thicknesses, different dimensions and in loads of different styles. These can be browsed and ordered online at websites like plastic-curtains.co.uk at very competitive prices, with top customer service and advice for those who are not sure which product would be best suited to their needs.

Plastic-curtains.co.uk has a huge range of different PVC curtains which offer all of the same advantages discussed in this article. For more information or to get a quote, please visit the PVC curtains section of the website.

Plastic-curtains.co.uk also stocks a range of PVC crash doors, insect screens and plastic sheeting.

Where can I get plastic curtains online?

Where can I get plastic curtains online?

Plastic curtains are used in many different industries for many different purposes. This is because they are relatively cheap to produce and can be made to pretty much any size. Plastic curtains are used to separate two areas of a premises, or to act as an insulating barrier over doorways and large exits. They are also commonly used to partition off areas of large rooms to create smaller segments for working in.

Outdoor Plastic Curtains
Standard Plastic Curtains

If you are looking for good quality plastic curtains at affordable prices, the best place to start looking is online. Curtain producers like plastic-curtains.co.uk have a whole range of curtains which are suited to many different jobs, with instant quotes available on the website.

Plastic-Curtains.co.uk are one of the top producers of PVC Curtains

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the most competitively priced producers of plastic curtains online, with an excellent track record of providing service which is second to none. All of the curtains available on the website are made from top quality PVC to almost any specification. You can find a curtain for any situation including:

  • Standard PVC Curtains

  • Ribbed PVC Curtains

  • Polar Grade Plastic Curtains

  • Welding Curtains

  • Day Glo Edging

Plastic-curtains.co.uk can produce curtains with hook on fittings, bolt on fittings, sliding curtains and PVC crash doors. For more detailed information on the different types of curtain click here.

Plastic-curtains.co.uk are always here to help. The customer service team is on hand to answer any questions or offer advice on which curtain would best suit your needs.

What are plastic curtains?

Plastic curtains are made from strips of PVC plastic which are produced to be incredibly durable while having a high level of flexibility to allow the individual PVC strips to bend without wearing. The PVC strips can be made to different widths, lengths and thicknesses depending on what the intended use is, allowing for a greater or smaller overlap between strips.

PVC Strip Curtain
Warehouse Plastic Curtains

Due to the weight of the PVC strips, when the curtain is hung it forms a seamless barrier which not only helps with insulating areas from temperature changes and loud noises such as machinery, but can also stop pests from getting access. This is why plastic curtains are very often seen in food processing factories or food storage warehouses.

Although the strips are heavy enough to stop small rodents and insects, they are light enough so that both pedestrians and small vehicles can push through easily without damaging the curtain. Once the object or person has passed through, the curtain falls back down to form a seamless barrier once more.

Why are there so many types of plastic curtain?

Often the range of plastic curtains available online can seem a little daunting, especially if you are not sure what sort of curtain will suit your needs. Plastic-curtains.co.uk stock a good range of products, but all of the curtains have a specific purpose which make them more suited to particular situations.

For example, the ‘Polar Grade’ plastic curtain is used in situations where extreme temperatures need to be maintained while still allowing constant access. It can perform in temperatures ranging from -15 to +20°C, maintaining full flexibility. Anything below -15°C and the curtain will lose some flexibility. These curtains would be more suited to walk in freezers that you might see in food storage facilities or even top restaurants.

Other curtains are designed to act as enhancements to improve health and safety. For instance ‘Day Glo’ edging curtain would not usually be used to create a full partition. It is bright red and green in colour which makes it easy to spot and so helps to identify heavy traffic areas or fire exits. As the name suggests, it also has glow in the dark properties which is really beneficial when a business is open until late in the evening or even 24 hours. The ‘Day Glo’ edging is usually used only to line the edges of an access way, placed at either end of the curtain.

Why use plastic curtains?

Plastic curtains are not just used because they are cost effective to buy, they are actually very often more efficient than alternative products. A plastic curtain provides an insulating barrier which can stop air flow between two areas without restricting access. When something passes through the curtain, only a small gap is left around it, limiting the air flow even when it is in use. This means that a plastic curtain can often be more efficient than even an automatic door.

Although they are primarily used to provide an insulating barrier between areas, they have an added benefit of being able to keep out pests. Plastic curtains, depending on the thickness, can withstand any rodent or insect making them a great way of stopping these unwanted visitors.

PVC Curtains can save a business money. When a plastic curtain is installed it can provide enough insulation to decrease the amount of work heating and cooling systems have to do. On a large scale this can reduce energy bills quite dramatically. They are also really easy to maintain, requiring a simple wipe down every week or two. Should any of the strips of PVC get damaged, they can easily be replaced in a matter of minutes and for fraction of the price of a whole curtain.

Installation also only takes a short time. Unlike installing a door, a plastic curtain can be hung easily and quickly, which means it will hardly have any effect on the running of a business. Plastic-curtains.co.uk can install curtains anywhere in the UK, but you can also order some curtains for self-installation. If you would like more information on the types of curtain that can be self-installed, please feel free to contact us.


How can PVC curtains help reduce costs?

How can PVC curtains help reduce costs?

The Different Types Of PVC Curtains

The different types of PVC curtains are as follows;

  • Plain PVC curtains
  • Ribbed curtains
  • Polar grade curtains
  • Welding curtains

There are also certain health and safety enhancements which can be added, like ‘Day Glo’ edging. This is made up of two strips of curtains which have a glow in the dark effect. Here is a breakdown of the different ways PVC curtains are often used to reduce costs.

Plain PVC curtains

Plain PVC curtains are ideal in a situation with low traffic and are therefore more often used for doorways which don’t require constant vehicular access. They are completely transparent which makes them ideal solutions to the health and safety issues surrounding visibility. PVC curtains are usually used to control air flow between two different areas, while still allowing quick and easy access. They can also be used to stop insects, rodents and other pests from gaining access to an area.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
Plain PVC Curtains

Plain PVC curtains can often be seen in places like takeaway restaurants and bistro pub kitchens which often have doorways which are left open in the warmer months. In this situation they are primarily used to stop pests, but they also provide excellent acoustic insulation between a kitchen and the customer.

They are also used in these types of environment to cover entrances to cellars and larders, this is due to the insulating properties of PVC. When the curtain is hung, the PVC strips form a tight barrier which stops air flow between two areas, maintaining an ambient temperature on either side. Ideal for situations where one side has a different temperature requirement because it reduces the running costs of electricity or gas bills from the heating and cooling systems. Plain PVC curtains are not suited to extreme temperatures though, for anything below 0°C a polar grade curtain should be for maximum efficiency.

Ribbed Curtains

Ribbed curtains are the heavy duty version of the PVC curtain. These are more commonly used for curtains in high traffic areas which require regular or constant vehicular access. The PVC strips are slightly thicker thanks to the ribs which are shaped into one side of the PVC. As with the plain PVC curtains, the ribbed curtains are completely transparent.

The ribs provide an extra level of protection to help prevent scratches and scuff marks from decreasing the visibility on either side of the partition. This means they allow for a much longer lifespan than any other PVC curtain. Although the ribs do protrude from the curtain, this does not have much of an effect on the efficiency of the barrier when it is hung.

This type of curtain is often seen in the industrial sector, joining areas which need to control air flow. It helps to create a much more efficient way of accessing two areas of a warehouse or storehouse. In food processing plants and packing warehouses, often a chilled area will be placed near an area that is room temperature. Having a plastic curtain over the access way helps to minimise the dispersion of hot air as vehicles and staff pass through. This means that the hearing and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard, which in premises as large as these can be a considerable amount.

Polar Grade Curtains

Polar grade curtains are much more effective in insulating than any of the other curtains. In the right situation then can be used to make pretty hefty savings off energy bills. These are more commonly used in places like large restaurants or for storing frozen foods. These curtains can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C without becoming brittle. This allows easy access from the kitchen to the freezer for chilling frozen desserts, while minimising the amount of heat that can disperse while the curtain is in use.

Polar Grade PVC Curtains

Unlike a door, the curtain only allows a small gap around the object passing through, which in turn helps to make the job of the cooling system a lot easier. It also helps to conform to health and safety regulations as there is no chance curtain malfunctioning in the way an insulated door could.

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains aren’t necessarily going to cut costs through saving money on energy bills. However they can make it easier to partition off designated areas of a confined space. For instance, in a workshop for metalwork often there is limited space to create rooms specifically for welding. However, those staff not using the equipment still need to be safe.

Mobile Welding Screen

A welding curtain is a tinted PVC curtain which provides enough protection from dangerously bright lights that they can be used to partition off a specific area for the use of welding equipment, which is cheaper than any alternative solution.

‘Day Glo’

While it won’t save costs directly, ‘Day Glo’ is still worth mentioning here. ‘Day Glo’ is the perfect solution for edging curtain, providing an obvious marker for divers of vehicles and staff. It is more commonly used for fire exits and other important access ways.

It also has another great property. It glows in the dark. This means that if a business operates on a 24 hour basis or has late night closure, the access way is still quite obvious.

PVC Curtains Conclusion

PVC curtains are used in almost every industry for both hygiene, safety but also to reduce the everyday running costs of a business. While the design of PVC curtains is relatively simple, it can still make a large reduction on costs through lowering energy bills and increasing productivity. As the name suggests, PVC curtains are a set of long PVC strips which hang together to form a curtain.

Generally they are static, with a specific size overlap, but they can also come as a sliding curtain for high traffic areas. While they are most commonly used in the industrial and manufacturing industries, they can also be used for many other purposes. There are a number of different types of curtain some which are more suited to specific situations than others.

For more information or to view our full range of PVC Curtains click here.


What are the different types of plastic curtains?

What are the different types of plastic curtains?

Standard Plastic Curtains


  • Standard grade industrial curtains are designed to be used for everyday purposes and can help make your business more efficient
    Outdoor Plastic Curtains
    Standard Plastic Curtains

    through reducing energy wastage.These standard grade curtains are best used between areas which have light traffic, for pedestrians and pallet trucks. They can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Firstly the insulating properties of PVC make them ideal for maintaining a certain temperature on either side of the curtain, so helping to reduce wasted energy and lowering the cost of energy bills.
  • They can also be used to stop small rodents and airborne pests from gaining access, which is particularly useful in warehouses and storehouses which deal with food production.
  • They can also be used effectively to block out noise pollution.
  • This is a particularly good property for manufacturing plants which use loud, heavy machinery alongside offices which need a little peace and quiet for the paperwork
  • Plastic curtains are completely transparent, so they provide extra help with health and safety allowing high visibility on both sides of the barrier.
  • You can view our range of standard plastic curtains here.

Ribbed Plastic Curtains

If you have two areas which have a high volume of traffic from vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks, then ribbed industrial curtains would be more suited than standard curtains. Generally the ribbed curtains are slightly thicker, offering a little more resistance and also being more hardwearing. The ribs across the plastic strips provide protection from damage and scratches, which in turn helps to maintain visibility on both sides of the curtains and increases the lifespan of the product.

Polar Grade Curtains

Although both of the other types of curtain are designed to insulate between two separate areas, they are only able to do so much. They are not so suitable for areas which require constant refrigeration or even freezing temperatures to be maintained. Polar Grade curtains are specifically designed to withstand more severe temperatures, the recommended temperature range being -15°C to +20°C.

Polar Grade Plastic Curtains
Polar Grade Plastic Curtains

This allows the temperature to be maintained in areas like freezer rooms, cabinets and chilled areas. The PVC material used in creating Polar Grade curtains stays flexible even in colder temperatures, whereas standard grade PVC curtains will lose some of their flexibility, thus making them brittle and much easier to damage, but also harder to pass through.

Welding Curtains

Although most uses of plastic curtains are due to high noise pollution or the need to maintain a different temperature on both sides of the access way, there is another use for plastic curtains. Often in workshops which deal with the manufacturing of wood and metalwork, plastic curtains are used to stop the debris from sanders and saws from contaminating other areas of the workshop. In most cases a standard or ribbed curtain are more than enough to provide the protection required.

However in metal workshops, another type of curtain is also often seen. Welding torches are incredibly dangerous pieces of equipment, giving off lights so bright they can seriously damage a person’s eyes. This is why all welders have protective clothing which is designed to provide adequate protection.

However, for the rest of the staff working in a metal workshop not required to wear safety equipment, there needs to be some sort of protection. This is why welding curtains are tinted, either green or amber, and are usually used to surround the welding area. This helps to reduce the danger to other workers.

Day Glo Edging

Although this is not usually used as a full curtain, it is often used in conjunction with one of the other styles of curtain. Day Glo Edging is designed with health and safety in mind. This is a strip of PVC which has been coloured with red and green stripes which actually glow in the dark. These are hung on either side of the curtain, usually by an emergency exit.

This allows the exit to easily be identified both during the hours of light and the hours of darkness. These Day Glo edged curtains are particularly useful for 24hour warehouses and manufacturing plants as they help to increase health and safety.


Although industrial plastic curtains come in a variety of styles depending on their intended use, they are generally all fitted in one of two ways. The first type of fitting is a hook-on fitting which allows for easy replacement and self-installation. The second type is a bolt on fitting, which need to be professionally fitted and is recommended for access ways which require constant access or have heavy use from vehicles like forklifts.

You can also get your curtains mounted onto a slider when you don’t want to drive through your curtain. This can be done with one or two tracks, depending on if you want a half slide to part the curtain, or a full slide which moves the whole curtain away.

Conclusion On Plastic Curtains

Industrial plastic curtains are an invaluable product, both in the industrial and the manufacturing sectors. Due to the versatility of these curtains, they can be used in a number of different ways for a range of tasks, which is why there are several different styles of curtain. The varying styles allow the already versatile product to be more suited to a particular job than other curtain designs.

Industrial plastic curtains are generally always used over doorways and access ways to act as a barrier between two different areas. They are also occasionally used over windows to allow light to pass through, but insulate the interior environment from the cold and also to protect from insects and pests. Industrial curtains are made from individual strips of PVC which are hung to form a seamless barrier.

Due to the weight of the strips of PVC, the curtain holds perfectly in place and the barrier is only broken for an object or person to pass through. Once the object or person has made it through to the other side of the curtain, the individual strips of PVC fall perfectly back into place in a matter of seconds. This makes industrial plastic curtains both cheaper and more efficient than having a door in their place.

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