What are the different types of plastic curtains?

Standard Plastic Curtains


  • Standard grade industrial curtains are designed to be used for everyday purposes and can help make your business more efficient
    Outdoor Plastic Curtains

    Standard Plastic Curtains

    through reducing energy wastage.These standard grade curtains are best used between areas which have light traffic, for pedestrians and pallet trucks. They can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Firstly the insulating properties of PVC make them ideal for maintaining a certain temperature on either side of the curtain, so helping to reduce wasted energy and lowering the cost of energy bills.
  • They can also be used to stop small rodents and airborne pests from gaining access, which is particularly useful in warehouses and storehouses which deal with food production.
  • They can also be used effectively to block out noise pollution.
  • This is a particularly good property for manufacturing plants which use loud, heavy machinery alongside offices which need a little peace and quiet for the paperwork
  • Plastic curtains are completely transparent, so they provide extra help with health and safety allowing high visibility on both sides of the barrier.
  • You can view our range of standard plastic curtains here.

Ribbed Plastic Curtains

If you have two areas which have a high volume of traffic from vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks, then ribbed industrial curtains would be more suited than standard curtains. Generally the ribbed curtains are slightly thicker, offering a little more resistance and also being more hardwearing. The ribs across the plastic strips provide protection from damage and scratches, which in turn helps to maintain visibility on both sides of the curtains and increases the lifespan of the product.

Polar Grade Curtains

Although both of the other types of curtain are designed to insulate between two separate areas, they are only able to do so much. They are not so suitable for areas which require constant refrigeration or even freezing temperatures to be maintained. Polar Grade curtains are specifically designed to withstand more severe temperatures, the recommended temperature range being -15°C to +20°C.

Polar Grade Plastic Curtains

Polar Grade Plastic Curtains

This allows the temperature to be maintained in areas like freezer rooms, cabinets and chilled areas. The PVC material used in creating Polar Grade curtains stays flexible even in colder temperatures, whereas standard grade PVC curtains will lose some of their flexibility, thus making them brittle and much easier to damage, but also harder to pass through.

Welding Curtains

Although most uses of plastic curtains are due to high noise pollution or the need to maintain a different temperature on both sides of the access way, there is another use for plastic curtains. Often in workshops which deal with the manufacturing of wood and metalwork, plastic curtains are used to stop the debris from sanders and saws from contaminating other areas of the workshop. In most cases a standard or ribbed curtain are more than enough to provide the protection required.

However in metal workshops, another type of curtain is also often seen. Welding torches are incredibly dangerous pieces of equipment, giving off lights so bright they can seriously damage a person’s eyes. This is why all welders have protective clothing which is designed to provide adequate protection.

However, for the rest of the staff working in a metal workshop not required to wear safety equipment, there needs to be some sort of protection. This is why welding curtains are tinted, either green or amber, and are usually used to surround the welding area. This helps to reduce the danger to other workers.

Day Glo Edging

Although this is not usually used as a full curtain, it is often used in conjunction with one of the other styles of curtain. Day Glo Edging is designed with health and safety in mind. This is a strip of PVC which has been coloured with red and green stripes which actually glow in the dark. These are hung on either side of the curtain, usually by an emergency exit.

This allows the exit to easily be identified both during the hours of light and the hours of darkness. These Day Glo edged curtains are particularly useful for 24hour warehouses and manufacturing plants as they help to increase health and safety.


Although industrial plastic curtains come in a variety of styles depending on their intended use, they are generally all fitted in one of two ways. The first type of fitting is a hook-on fitting which allows for easy replacement and self-installation. The second type is a bolt on fitting, which need to be professionally fitted and is recommended for access ways which require constant access or have heavy use from vehicles like forklifts.

You can also get your curtains mounted onto a slider when you don’t want to drive through your curtain. This can be done with one or two tracks, depending on if you want a half slide to part the curtain, or a full slide which moves the whole curtain away.

Conclusion On Plastic Curtains

Industrial plastic curtains are an invaluable product, both in the industrial and the manufacturing sectors. Due to the versatility of these curtains, they can be used in a number of different ways for a range of tasks, which is why there are several different styles of curtain. The varying styles allow the already versatile product to be more suited to a particular job than other curtain designs.

Industrial plastic curtains are generally always used over doorways and access ways to act as a barrier between two different areas. They are also occasionally used over windows to allow light to pass through, but insulate the interior environment from the cold and also to protect from insects and pests. Industrial curtains are made from individual strips of PVC which are hung to form a seamless barrier.

Due to the weight of the strips of PVC, the curtain holds perfectly in place and the barrier is only broken for an object or person to pass through. Once the object or person has made it through to the other side of the curtain, the individual strips of PVC fall perfectly back into place in a matter of seconds. This makes industrial plastic curtains both cheaper and more efficient than having a door in their place.

How can industrial plastic curtains reduce my energy bills?

What are plastic curtains?

Industrial plastic curtains are basically exactly as they sound. Long, narrow strips of PVC are hung into a curtain individually, forming a protective and seamless barricade. PVC is well known in the commercial and industrial sectors for being one of the most versatile plastic materials on the market. Not only is it strong and durable, but when mixed with the right quantities of chemicals, it also becomes highly flexible. This makes it perfect for industrial plastic curtains as it means the barrier can simply be pushed through by a person or object, the PVC curtain parting to allow a throughway.

Outdoor Plastic Curtains

Standard Plastic Curtains

Due to the hardwearing properties of the material, the curtain is less likely to damage or break even with regular use. Depending on what you want to use them for, the PVC can be made to different thicknesses, in different colours and in pretty much any size you require. This is why they are often used in a great variety of businesses.

The energy saving benefits

Industrial plastic curtains have a few essential energy saving benefits in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Most of us will not
really understand the sheer amount of money which is spend on energy by these industries, the cost of running heavy machinery, huge cooling systems, air-conditioning units, heating and lighting for quite often wide open spaces.

Commercial Plastic Curtains

Commercial Plastic Curtains

Places like food processing factories, food storehouses and warehouses usually cannot go without products like industrial curtains. This is because of the insulation properties that the right gauge PVC can provide. In factories which prepare and process food, often the ambient temperature of different departments varies pretty drastically. Despite this, small transport vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks, as well as pedestrians, need constant access between each area. Industrial plastic curtains can provide a seamless insulating barrier between these areas to help maintain the temperature without providing much of a hindrance to access.

This helps to reduce the work required by the various pieces of cooling equipment and heaters to maintain the temperature and so reducing the costs of the electricity or gas bills. This doesn’t have to simply be used to partition off access ways or to create partition walls in a large facility, they can also be used over windows and smaller pedestrian doors to help insulate the premises as a whole, without blocking out what little sunlight is available.

The advantage over the alternatives

Although there are a few other products which can be used in place of industrial plastic curtains, they are not necessarily as effective in what they do and they cost a significant amount more. Insulated doors are perfectly suited to the job of insulation, but manual doors are much too slow if access is required regularly and so decrease productivity for drivers and staff. Automatic doors are very expensive for the initial outlay and they too are not as efficient as a plastic curtain. Industrial curtains work best because of the way they are designed.

Due to the size of the strips of PVC, then an object or person passes through the curtain, very little gap is left around them for heat transference. Once they have passes through, the weight of the PVC curtain causes it to close to form a perfect barrier almost instantly. So, unlike an insulated door, the heat is better maintained on both sides of the partition. This means less work for the energy hungry heating or cooling system and increased productivity for your business.

The other cost saving implication of using an industrial plastic curtain over an insulated door is the level repair and maintenance required. If you opt for a door of any kind, but especially an automatic door, if anything goes wrong you are certain to have to pay a reasonable amount out for the repair. That’s without servicing and maintenance checks. An industrial plastic curtain is perfect for keeping down the costs because its design is so simple. As each strip of PVC is hung individually, should there be any damage to a few strips, they can simply be replaced as and when needed. Depending on the style of curtain you have installed, you might even be able to replace it easily enough yourself.

Save your business some money

While industrial plastic curtains have a great many uses in both commercial and industrial settings, their key benefit is saving money on energy bills; through increased productivity, through cost effectiveness and through efficiency. Industrial plastic curtains provide a much better insulation solution than most of the alternative products and they can be made to suit almost any situation. With lower maintenance needs, they provide a much simpler way of reducing the cost of your energy outgoings. For more information on the types of curtains available, or to find out any more information on what this versatile product can offer, please visit www.plastic-curtains.co.uk

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Although the name might not give much clue as to how useful industrial plastic curtains can be for a business, this product is one of the best ways of reducing the cost of your energy bills. Industrial curtains can save money in a number of ways. Firstly they are cheap, a much lower cost than installing an insulated door and much more effective. They can also save you money through increasing productivity when used in place of a door. The main long term benefit from installing industrial plastic curtains is through saving you money on gas and electricity bills.