How can PVC curtains help reduce costs?

The Different Types Of PVC Curtains

The different types of PVC curtains are as follows;

  • Plain PVC curtains
  • Ribbed curtains
  • Polar grade curtains
  • Welding curtains

There are also certain health and safety enhancements which can be added, like ‘Day Glo’ edging. This is made up of two strips of curtains which have a glow in the dark effect. Here is a breakdown of the different ways PVC curtains are often used to reduce costs.

Plain PVC curtains

Plain PVC curtains are ideal in a situation with low traffic and are therefore more often used for doorways which don’t require constant vehicular access. They are completely transparent which makes them ideal solutions to the health and safety issues surrounding visibility. PVC curtains are usually used to control air flow between two different areas, while still allowing quick and easy access. They can also be used to stop insects, rodents and other pests from gaining access to an area.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
Plain PVC Curtains

Plain PVC curtains can often be seen in places like takeaway restaurants and bistro pub kitchens which often have doorways which are left open in the warmer months. In this situation they are primarily used to stop pests, but they also provide excellent acoustic insulation between a kitchen and the customer.

They are also used in these types of environment to cover entrances to cellars and larders, this is due to the insulating properties of PVC. When the curtain is hung, the PVC strips form a tight barrier which stops air flow between two areas, maintaining an ambient temperature on either side. Ideal for situations where one side has a different temperature requirement because it reduces the running costs of electricity or gas bills from the heating and cooling systems. Plain PVC curtains are not suited to extreme temperatures though, for anything below 0°C a polar grade curtain should be for maximum efficiency.

Ribbed Curtains

Ribbed curtains are the heavy duty version of the PVC curtain. These are more commonly used for curtains in high traffic areas which require regular or constant vehicular access. The PVC strips are slightly thicker thanks to the ribs which are shaped into one side of the PVC. As with the plain PVC curtains, the ribbed curtains are completely transparent.

The ribs provide an extra level of protection to help prevent scratches and scuff marks from decreasing the visibility on either side of the partition. This means they allow for a much longer lifespan than any other PVC curtain. Although the ribs do protrude from the curtain, this does not have much of an effect on the efficiency of the barrier when it is hung.

This type of curtain is often seen in the industrial sector, joining areas which need to control air flow. It helps to create a much more efficient way of accessing two areas of a warehouse or storehouse. In food processing plants and packing warehouses, often a chilled area will be placed near an area that is room temperature. Having a plastic curtain over the access way helps to minimise the dispersion of hot air as vehicles and staff pass through. This means that the hearing and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard, which in premises as large as these can be a considerable amount.

Polar Grade Curtains

Polar grade curtains are much more effective in insulating than any of the other curtains. In the right situation then can be used to make pretty hefty savings off energy bills. These are more commonly used in places like large restaurants or for storing frozen foods. These curtains can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C without becoming brittle. This allows easy access from the kitchen to the freezer for chilling frozen desserts, while minimising the amount of heat that can disperse while the curtain is in use.

Polar Grade PVC Curtains

Unlike a door, the curtain only allows a small gap around the object passing through, which in turn helps to make the job of the cooling system a lot easier. It also helps to conform to health and safety regulations as there is no chance curtain malfunctioning in the way an insulated door could.

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains aren’t necessarily going to cut costs through saving money on energy bills. However they can make it easier to partition off designated areas of a confined space. For instance, in a workshop for metalwork often there is limited space to create rooms specifically for welding. However, those staff not using the equipment still need to be safe.

Mobile Welding Screen

A welding curtain is a tinted PVC curtain which provides enough protection from dangerously bright lights that they can be used to partition off a specific area for the use of welding equipment, which is cheaper than any alternative solution.

‘Day Glo’

While it won’t save costs directly, ‘Day Glo’ is still worth mentioning here. ‘Day Glo’ is the perfect solution for edging curtain, providing an obvious marker for divers of vehicles and staff. It is more commonly used for fire exits and other important access ways.

It also has another great property. It glows in the dark. This means that if a business operates on a 24 hour basis or has late night closure, the access way is still quite obvious.

PVC Curtains Conclusion

PVC curtains are used in almost every industry for both hygiene, safety but also to reduce the everyday running costs of a business. While the design of PVC curtains is relatively simple, it can still make a large reduction on costs through lowering energy bills and increasing productivity. As the name suggests, PVC curtains are a set of long PVC strips which hang together to form a curtain.

Generally they are static, with a specific size overlap, but they can also come as a sliding curtain for high traffic areas. While they are most commonly used in the industrial and manufacturing industries, they can also be used for many other purposes. There are a number of different types of curtain some which are more suited to specific situations than others.

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