Where can I buy industrial and plastic curtains in the UK?

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the Northwest’s most well-established and reliable suppliers and installers of industrial and plastic curtains. This website is a trading name of W.C.Munsch and Co which has been operating from the Clarence Mill in Bollington, Macclesfield for over forty years. Bollington sits in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, just 10 miles from the bustling town of Stockport and 16 miles from Manchester.

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Our website offers a reliable and professional service to Macclesfield and the surrounding areas, but we also offer a full delivery and installation service anywhere in the UK. Our website has a comprehensive range of PVC curtain and crash door products, fly and insect screens and PVC sheeting.

What are the differences between plastic and industrial curtains?

While both plastic and industrial curtains are made from PVC and hung in a similar way, they are quite different. PVC is one of the most resistant and durable materials on the market, which is why it is perfect for use in both small PVC curtains for everyday use, and industrial curtains which come in many different forms. Individual strips of PVC are hung from a track which allows them to form a seamless barrier between two areas. This can be to keep out insects or to stop air flow and control temperature on either side. They allow easy access for vehicles or objects to pass through and fall back into place immediately afterwards.

Plastic curtains

Your standard plastic curtain is not really suitable for heavy duty situations which will have a lot of vehicles passing through or needs to control air flow. Standard plastic curtains are the plain and simple PVC curtain which is often used in places like restaurants or takeaways, in kitchens either for business or in the home to keep out pests but let your animals in and out. They might also be used over a doorway when your kids are playing with paints or clay, but you still want to keep an eye on them from the next room. Plastic curtains are really the all-round solution for everyday situations.

Plastic curtains in the home

Plastic curtains can be really useful if you have small children, so you can block off doorways to stop small pets from escaping, but still leave an easy access way into the house for when your kids are out in the garden. They also keep out rodents and insects which is really useful if you live in a more rural area. They can also be used for garage doorways, larders and cellars to help control airflow, temperature and the presence of unwanted pests.

Plastic curtains in commercial settings

Often plastic curtains can be incredible efficient to use in premises like takeaway kitchens where drivers come in and out all evening as they allow constant access through a doorway, but stop unwanted insects and rodents from getting in to the kitchen. In a restaurant they can also be used between the kitchen and the dining area because PVC is an excellent acoustic insulator. As having happy customers is based partly on the customer dining experience, many restaurants will separate the front of house to stop noise from the kitchen and heat from spreading into front of house.

Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains actually covers a huge variety of different kinds of curtains. They are often used in industry which is why they are categorised differently from standard curtains. They have some properties which make them more durable and hardwearing, some have specialist properties like thermal insulation and others are there to provide protection from hazards such as bright lights. Aside from these specialist properties, they act in the same way as a standard PVC curtain.

Types of industrial curtains

Standard plastic PVC is often still used in industrial curtains, although they are usually thicker and the individual strips are wider with a larger overlap. This is because they are often used to cover much larger access ways. They also will last longer in areas which use small transportation vehicles like trolleys and pallet trucks. Industrial curtains will generally be fitted with ‘bolt on’ fittings rather than hook on fittings like plastic curtains.

Polar Grade Industrial curtains

Polar Grade curtains are specialist curtains designed to insulate temperatures ranging from +20°C to -15°C. This is the recommended temperature for these curtains to perform optimally, so they are often used in food storage and processing plants. They can also be used for large walk in freezers like the ones you see in top end kitchens, or even on the back of refrigerated Lorries and trucks. The polar grade industrial curtain can withstand temperatures as low as -33°C, but the strips of PVC will lose their flex. Anything below -65°C and curtain will break.

Ribbed industrial curtains

This style PVC curtain is much more frequently seen as an industrial curtain. It is ribbed to provide extra longevity for your curtain in areas which have high traffic, this helps to prevent scratching which in turn helps to maintain visibility and meaning less replacements are required. Again this type of curtain will generally have ‘bolt on’ fittings.

Welding grade industrial curtains

In a situation where bright lights are often used for things like welding or metal cutting, it can often be necessary to install some form of protective partition for the rest of the premises, i.e. the workshop, to ensure the rest of the staff are safe. These curtains are known as welding curtains and are tinted green or amber to reduce flash. If you are confined to a smaller space but still need protection, mobile welding screens are the perfect solution and can be moved around as required.

Day Glo Edging

This edging curtain is designed specifically for industrial settings. It has glow in the dark properties which allows the edges of high traffic areas to have bright red and green strips which will then illuminate when the light starts to fade. This is ideal to help with health and safety, but also makes the job of your staff a whole lot less hassle.

If you are looking for plastic and industrial curtains in the UK, plastic-curtains.co.uk has a fully transparent and comprehensive online ordering system which allows you to get an exact quote in a matter of seconds. If you are unsure about any of the products or would simply like to discuss your needs in more detail, please get in touch via the contact us section.

PVC curtains are used across many different industries, from the manufacturing industry through to commercial and retail businesses and even in residential settings. They are one of the most versatile products for creating a partition or barrier between areas of a premises, coming in many different styles, sizes, thicknesses and with varied properties to make them suited for many different types of job. A PVC curtain can come as a standard plastic curtain which is mainly used in commercial and residential settings or as an industrial curtain which is better for partitioning larger access ways in factories, warehouses and large workshops.

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