PVC curtains: 10 advantages

PVC curtains are one of the most commonly used means of creating a partition between two areas, while still allowing access to either side.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
PVC Curtains

They are used in the production and manufacturing industry, in small cotton industries, in the commercial sector and in catering and hospitality. They have many benefits to offer all kinds of businesses; here are ten of the most important:

1.PVC curtains are made from PVC

While it seems a silly thing to say is an advantage, being made from PVC is actually a huge benefit for any business who wants to buy a plastic curtain. PVC is known in the industry to be one of the most durable materials in the plastic family, and one of the most versatile too. PVC can withstand heavy knocks and scrapes, while still maintaining enough flexibility to create a curtain. It is also completely transparent and is a great insulator. PVC curtains are made from PVC plastic because it has a long lifespan, is cheap to produce and requires little maintenance.

2.They are incredibly cost effective to buy

PVC curtains might be one of the most versatile products of their kind on the market, but one of the distinct advantages over other products such as manual and automatic doors is the price they cost. Because PVC is such a widely used plastic, it costs very little to produce. This means that the finished products are also very good value for money.

3.They are much more efficient than alternative products

While they are cheaper than the alternatives, PVC curtains are also much more efficient. Due to the way they are designed, they allow a much smaller air flow between the PVC strips and the object passing through. This means they can maintain a constant temperature on either side better than both automatic and manual doors. They also are simply pushed through without the need to open them, even when small vehicles like fork lifts are passing through. This means that they take less time, increasing the productivity of staff and the business in general.

4.They conform to health and safety regulations

While doors do conform to health and safety regulations, PVC curtains allow a much better visibility. As they are completely transparent, it is easy for drivers of vehicles and pedestrians to check for hazards before using the curtain, which should help to cut down accidents in the workplace. You can also get ‘Day Glo’ edged curtains which glow in the dark, allowing emergency exits or high traffic areas to be obvious to all staff. This is especially useful if a business works late night shifts or operates 24hours a day.

5.Quick and easy installation

Depending on the type of fitting you go for, PVC curtains can either be installed by an installer or installed by the business. Bolt on fittings, or those curtains which require extra metalwork to be installed, will need the installation doing by a professional installer. However, for most curtains which use a simple hook on fitting, these can be installed quickly and easily by a contractor or maintenance staff. Installation takes very little time at all, so even if the curtains are being fitted for you, it shouldn’t interfere too much with the running of the business.

6.Delivery and Installation anywhere in the UK

Whether a business is fitting the curtain themselves, or a professional installer needs to come out to do the work for the business, they can be fitted or delivered anywhere in the UK. For more information about delivery rates or the cost of installation, please feel free to contact us.

7.Good Insulators

Because PVC curtains are made from high quality PVC, they are extremely good insulators of both noise and heat. This is why they are very often used in food production, processing or general manufacturing. In these industries, maintaining two different temperatures in different areas is common. Very often vehicular access is required in both areas, so a PVC curtain is used to contain the airflow. This can help to lower the cost of energy bills through decreasing the amount of work cooling and heating systems use, but also help to keep goods at the correct temperature without restricting access. They also provide good acoustic insulation, which allows you to drown out the sound of heavy machinery for the benefit of other areas of your business.

8.PVC curtains can keep out pests

One major concern for the food production industry or hospitality industry is the amount of pests and vermin which are attracted to the premises. The worst thing for any industry that deals in food is an outbreak of mice, rats or any kind of insect in the workplace. PVC curtains actually work to stop these kinds of pests from gaining access to the premises. Due to the weight of the PVC, the curtain hangs to form a seamless barrier which is heavy enough to keep out small rodents and insects, while still being simple for a pedestrian to walk through.

9. Vast range of different types of curtains

At plastic-curtains.co.uk we stock a vast range of pvc curtains, you can find more information about the different types of curtains here.

Different types of pvc curtains

10.PVC curtains are available online

The final advantage is possibly one of the greatest. PVC curtains can be created to any specification, with different thicknesses, different dimensions and in loads of different styles. These can be browsed and ordered online at websites like plastic-curtains.co.uk at very competitive prices, with top customer service and advice for those who are not sure which product would be best suited to their needs.

Plastic-curtains.co.uk has a huge range of different PVC curtains which offer all of the same advantages discussed in this article. For more information or to get a quote, please visit the PVC curtains section of the website.

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