PVC curtains for warehouses

PVC curtains are used in a number of industries for many different purposes, but they are very often seen in warehouses and storehouses, anywhere where a large access way needs to have some form of barrier. PVC curtains are exactly as they sound, PVC strips which are made individually and then hung together on a track to form a seamless barrier or curtain.

Outdoor PVC Curtains
Warehouse PVC Curtains

The weight of the individual strips of PVC causes the curtain to stay together when it is not in use, then once the curtain is pushed through by a pedestrian or a small vehicle like a forklift truck, the strips part to allow access. Once the object or vehicle has passed through, the curtain then falls back into place forming a seamless barrier once again.

Warehouse PVC Curtains
Warehouse PVC Curtains

The thickness, width and overlap of the curtain can be adjusted depending on the intended use. If you are only looking to use the curtain in a pedestrian area then a thickness of 2mm would be perfectly adequate. A thicker PVC strip like a 5mm would be more suited to a high traffic area for vehicles like forklift trucks.

Why are PVC curtains used?

PVC curtains are used in warehouse environments because they are durable and hardwearing. PVC is renowned for being one of the most versatile and long lasting plastics available on the market, which is why it is used to create PVC strip curtains. PVC also has the added benefit of being transparent, which from a health and safety perspective makes them much more efficient than any other product on the market.

PVC warehouse curtains online quote

They are also efficient in other ways. Rather than use a door such as a sliding door, whether that is a manual one or an automatic door, PVC curtains can be used as a much more effective solution. Firstly PVC curtains are much cheaper than any kind of door, cheaper to buy and to maintain, repair and replace. They also take almost no time at all to install, which makes it less invasive than having a door installed.

Finally when a door is open, it lets out a lot of heat. In a warehouse where different temperatures are required on either side, having a door can mean wasting a lot of energy through air dispersion. A PVC curtain only opens an area large enough to fit the object that needs to pass through, which can help to reduce the amount of energy wasted through heat transfer.


What are the different types of curtain?

There are many different types of curtain that are used in warehouses. One of the most common is a standard grade PVC curtain. This type of curtain is plain and simple PVC strips and stops the transfer of debris, maintains regular temperatures and helps to stop rodents and insects from gaining access to the premises. It can also be used in small thicknesses and widths for the commercial sector too.

Different types of pvc curtains

Polar Grade curtains are used to maintain extreme temperatures. In warehouses which store chilled or frozen goods, Polar Grade curtains are used to maintain the low temperatures in these areas. They can withstand temperatures of +20°C to -33°C before turning brittle. These allow transport vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks to collect goods and move them without losing the ambient temperature in the chiller. These are often used in top kitchens and walk in fridges in a smaller form.

Welding curtains are sometimes used to separate warehouses from workshops and act to protect the workers in the warehouse from dangerous lights emitted by welding torches and other machinery. These curtains are simply standard grade PVC strips with a special tint to reduce glare from bright lights.

You can also choose to have your curtains ribbed if the area you will be installing them sees a lot of traffic from light transport vehicles. Ribbed curtains maintain visibility on both sides of the curtain, but also help to reduce the effects of scratches and bumps when vehicles pass through. This makes them more hardwearing and increases their lifespan.

The final type of curtain is an edging curtain. This is simply two strips which are placed on either edge of the curtain to highlight them for vehicle users. Very often the strip that is used is bright red to show a hazard, but for warehouses which operate in low light during evening shifts and night shifts, ‘DayGlo’ edging is a great solution. It has ‘glow in the dark’ properties and helps to increase the safety of the workplace.

Installing and Delivery

Plastic-curtains.co.uk is one of the top providers of plastic curtains online. If you are having a fresh installation and need tracking installed, one of our installers can deliver and put up your curtain for you. This service can also be provided if your tracking is faulty or needs replacing. If you already have tracking installed you can simply order the curtain you need and have it delivered anywhere in the UK. You can also order individual replacements for strips in the case of repairing a current curtain.

Get a Quote Instantly

If you are looking for a quote for PVC curtains for your warehouse, Plastic-curtains.co.uk has an easy online quoting system which can provide you with an instant online quote for all of the most common curtain types. Input your measurements and curtain requirements and click buy online and you will have a chance to review your quote before you decide to checkout.

If you need any further guidance, or need specialist curtains such as perforated or coloured curtains then please feel free to contact our customer service team. We also offer a number of other great PVC products including PVC crash doors, children’s play curtains, fly and insect screens and mobile welding screens.


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