How are mobile welding screens used?

Mobile welding screens are often used in workshops to separate an area which deals with bright lights like welding torches or metal saws to protect the rest of the staff working on other projects. PVC curtains are strips of PVC which are hung from a track to allow vehicles and people to pass through, which acts as a barrier between two areas of a building. Welding curtains come specially tinted to provide protection from dangerously bright lights.

stand up mobile welding screen
The mobile welding screen

Where can I purchase mobile welding screens?

A mobile welding curtain from is made from top quality materials making the screen durable and reliable. The mounting frame is made using black powder coated 3/4” steel tubing which provides a strong base for the PVC to be attached to. While this might sound like a fair amount of assembly time, the mobile welding screen is designed with ease of use in mind. You can get a quote for a a screen here: mobile welding screen quote.


  • The plastic welding curtain comes ready attached to the top hanging pole which makes the job a whole lot simpler, the legs of the frame come already attached to the hanging pole, so all you have to do is twist them out and secure them the first time that you use the screen.
  • The beauty of having the curtain already fixed in place at the top of the frame is that the sheet of PVC curtain simply rolls down and is then attached to the side poles of the base using screening clips that are also pre attached. The frame itself is made from a simple “click lock” mechanism which means you can click into place and move you screen where you need it to be. No complicated instruction manuals, no bags of screws, no mismatched holes.
  • The screen is made in a single size designed to fit almost anywhere, but if you do need to cover a larger area you can always set up multiple curtains, at a discounted price of course. The frame size is 1900mm high by 1510mm wide which is plenty of curtain for your standard welding kit. The welding curtain itself stretches 1415mm across leaving a small gap around the sides where the clips attach to the curtain. In the case of setting up multiple curtains, a small overlap is recommended. Although the curtain does reach to the top of the frame, there is a 320mm gap at the base of the curtain to the floor to allow airflow and stop the PVC welding curtain catching on objects on the floor.
  • Our mobile welding screens are lightweight and durable, but also cost effective to produce, so you can get the longest life out of your product without paying any extra. has been an established business for over 40 years, providing an efficient and reliable service with professional staff and top quality products, which is why we are one of the top providers of PVC curtains in the Northwest of England. We offer a full and comprehensive nationwide installation service, with the technical expertise to offer advice to our customers every step of the way.

We believe ordering your products should be simple and straightforward, which is why we have an instant and completely transparent online quoting system which allows you to pick the exact specifications for your plastic curtain needs and receive an exact quote. For any specialist products or to discuss your needs with a customer service representative you can simply get in touch using the contact number on our webpage or the contact us form.

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