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If you are looking for a quote for high quality plastic curtains for your business, plastic-curtains.co.uk has some of the best quality PVC curtains on the market. We have been operating in the industry for over 40 years and have a wealth of experience in PVC curtains, PVC crash doors and fly screen systems. Our PVC curtains can help improve the efficiency of your business through lowering running costs, energy bills and increasing productivity. Our plastic curtains are durable and hardwearing and can be delivered and installed anywhere in the UK.

…at low prices

While our plastic curtains are high quality, made from durable PVC, they are also incredibly cost effective. At plastic-curtains.co.uk we stock curtains in all sizes and can make them to almost any dimensions required. Our PVC curtains are some of the most competitively priced curtains available online and we have a carefully selected range of products designed to suit the needs of our customers. We also have a dedicated customer service team who are on hand to discuss any questions or queries you might have about your plastic curtains.

Easy to use online quoting system

We have a fully comprehensive online quoting system so that you can get a quote for the most common types of curtains quickly and easily, including the exact size, style, fitting and overlap you require, which leads to you receiving a fully transparent and comprehensive price for your curtain. For more specialist curtains including coloured and perforated curtains and for additional steelwork options you can use the contact us section of the website.

How to use the online quoting system (steps below image):

instant online quote for plastic curtains
Plastic-Curtains.co.uk Online Quote Calculator

– Dimensions

Before you get a quote for plastic curtains you will need to know the dimensions you will require for your partition or access way. There is a simple input box which allows you to input the width and the height you will require. To get your online quote for plastic curtains you will need the sizes in millimetres, so one metre would be written 1000mm. You should also be aware that measuring the height required should be from the curtains track, or where the track will be, not just from the aperture of the doorway.

– Type of Curtain

The most important selection for getting a quote for plastic curtains is selecting the type of curtain you will require. This is the type of PVC strip that will be most suited to the situation. For instance if you need to maintain extreme temperatures on either side of the curtain, you would need to go for Polar Grade PVC strips. You can also select tinted welding curtains for insulating areas used for welding or other dangerously bright lights.

You will also need to select the width and thickness of your curtain. In a high traffic area which has lots of Fork Lift Truck traffic passing through you would need to go for a thicker grade of PVC and a wider strip. A 2mm thick curtain is suited to an area which has mostly pedestrian use, 4mm and upwards for vehicular access and so on. You can also choose to have ribbed PVC for those areas which have the most frequent and heavy traffic usage.

– Tracking

Tracking is what is used to fit the curtain to the wall above the doorway. If steelwork is required, your curtain will need to be installed by one of our installers, but if you already have functioning tracking installed then you can simply replace the PVC strips yourself. This is a simple yes or no selection, but if you are not sure you can always get in touch.

– Fittings

The choice of fitting is a drop down box which allows you to select either hook-on or bolt-on fittings. Bolt-on fittings are much more secure and are recommended for areas which have heavy Fork Lift Truck usage. The hook-on system is perfect for a situation which has more pedestrian use, allowing the removal and cleaning of the curtain when required, (in a food preparation area), or in situations where the curtain isn’t needed all year round.

– Overlap

The size of the overlap is also a drop down menu which allows you to select either minimum or maximum overlap. This change the amount of resistance the curtain has, a larger overlap is often used for high doorways of more than three meters. The amount of overlap is different for both hook-on and bolt-on fittings.

– Edging

The final selection you need to make to receive your quote for plastic curtains is whether or not your curtain needs edging. Edging strips are used to highlight the edges of doorways for drivers of vehicles like Fork Lift Trucks. Two red strips are placed on either side of the curtain in this instance. You can also choose to go for ‘DayGlo’ edging which has a glow in the dark effect. This health and safety feature makes the curtain edging ideal for low light levels in premises which operate until late evening or 24 hours.

The Final Step

All you need to do now is enter your email address and click Update Quote if you want to receive the quote by email, or you can simply choose the buy online button and you will be taken to your quote. You can then proceed to checkout or amend your selection before you place your order with www.plastic-curtains.co.uk


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