PVC Crash Doors

Our range of crash doors provide an alternative solution to PVC Strip Curtains, providing heat retention and noise reduction in the workplace.

Reduce Energy Waste with Plastic Crash Doors

Here at plastic-curtains.co.uk we supply many types of plastic crash door enabling our customers to find a low cost solution to their energy wastage issues in their shops, factories, hospitals, and other business premises. Our specially designed plastic strip curtains help reduce energy waste without slowing staff, customers, and other building users down, so your business can carry on as normal.

As with all our products we are happy to offer a nationwide installation service should you require it.

Interflex Lite Crash Doors

Made from high quality extruded aluminium these doors have smooth lines, no projections, and are the perfect solution to interior waste energy issues.Our customers most commonly use these doors in the food industry as the lighter design and concealed panel fixings make them easy to pass through and compliment most décor.

The openings to fit these doors can be up to 2400mm wide x 2438mm wide.

Interflex Crash Doors

These doors are the ideal option for external or semi-external openings, depending on your requirements.The Interflex Crash Doors are more heavy duty than the Multiflex or Superflex options making them suitable for use by pedestrian or motorised traffic. The openings to fit these doors can be up to 3000mm wide x 3350mm high.

Please note that when installed on openings above 2600mm wide we will replace the triangular gusset plates with horizontal top tubes. The doors are manufactured from 60mm o/d heavy wall mild steel steam tube, and combine a horizontal gusset plate and vertical mild steel flats to hold panels in place.

Multiflex Lite Crash Doors

These doors have the manufacture specifications as the Interflex Crash Doors with the exception of the steam tube which is 43mm. Depending on your needs and panel choice these doors are suitable for many applications and although they are ideal for internal openings they can also be used on external or semi-external openings as well, dependent on your site conditions.

The design allows access by pedestrians, hand, or motorised traffic. The openings for these doors should be up to 2400mm wide x 2600mm high.

Powerflex Lite Crash Doors

Made from 60mm o/d heavy wall mild steel steam tube, with a horizontal top tube, vertical mild steel flats, and a corner gusset plate, these doors are suitable for heavy duty external use, including when motorised traffic is present. The doors can be fitted in openings up to 4000mm wide x 4000mm high and we can provide all necessary extras to increase the door framework specification and ensure you’re a happy, smiley, customer. These extras include dome disc protection studs, horizontal spring unit mechanisms, increased overlap, wear pads, and larger clamping flats.

Please note that on doors below 2600mm wide we will replace the horizontal top tubes with triangular horizontal gusset plates.

We also supply a full range of high speed doors, using either pneumatic or electrical operation systems. If you would like more information please call us on 01625 573 971 or simply fill in the form on the right. You can also click here for more information.

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