PVC Curtains / Doors

How PVC Curtains Work

“Individual PVC Curtains / Doors comprise of strips which overlap each other to form a flexible screen that will cover any size opening, keep employees warm, yet still be accessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

They are a very low cost solution to many companies energy problems, additionally they keep out unwanted visitors like birds and pests”

For areas such as chillers and freezers, they maintain the cool/cold air, reducing energy expenditure and retaining the temperature.

Lowering Costs through reducing wasted energy with PVC Curtains & Doors

While plastic curtains are commonplace across many industries, not all companies are aware of their benefits. These include:
  • Maintaining temperature on either side of the access way
  • Conforming to health and safety regulations
  • Providing high visibility on either side of the curtain
  • Lowering the amount of noise pollution
  • Stopping rodents and airborne pests gaining access
Our plastic curtains come in two designs, one which is smooth on both sides and one that is ribbed. Our ribbed curtains are ideal in heavy traffic areas, particularly where fork lift trucks are passing through as the ribs help reduce any scratching of the PVC, thereby prolongong it’s life. We offer many different grades and colours ov PVC including anti-static, Polar grade for freezers, coloured options, welding grades etc. …

PVC Curtains are very easy to install, however for complicated areas, or where additional steelwork may be required, we offer a nationwide installation service.

Fixing Systems

We supply our curtains with a choice of fittings depending on what your requirements are.

Hook-On System

Our ‘Hook on’ system makes it a simpler task to replace strips should you ever need to, plus cleaning becomes a lot less of a job. Additionally if you want to remove the PVC strips to increase airflow, in summer, it is very easy and straightforward to do.

The hook-on system comprises of a rail/rails which have hooks protruding from them. Each individual strip of PVC has either a polycarbonate or stainless steel plate attached to it, and these simply hook onto the track.

Our hook-on system is particularly suited for smaller openings, less than 2500mm (8 feet) high and for internal “pedestrian” doors.

We offer two overlap options, minimum or maximum depending on the requirement for the location, or the height of the curtain.

Bolt-On System

Our ‘Bolt on’ system is for heavy duty use, usually where heavier, thicker, wider grades of PVC are being used. The bolt-on system is also more suited to high traffic access ways, particularly where fork lift trucks are used.

The bolt-on system comprises of aluminium “V” track/s where the PVC is attached via bolts and a face plate. Similar to the hook-on system, we offer two types of overlap depending on the areas requirement, or how exposed it is to the elements.

Sliding Curtains

We also offer a sliding option for use in places where you may require vehicle access, but want to prevent damage or scratching, such as garages, car valeting bays or showrooms.

Our sliding system uses bolt-on track, which is attached to rollers enabling you to slide the curtain out of the way when required.

For more information or a chat about your requirement, simply give us a call on 01625 573971, or fill in the form below and we'll get straight back to you.

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