PVC Sheet

Clear PVC Sheet

PVC sheet is sometimes a more suitable alternative to narrower PVC strips, particularly for large projects like screening off a portion of a warehouse or factory floor.

Offering the same technical benefits as PVC strips, but in wider, heavier duty rolls, up to 1800mm wide and thicknesses from 1mm to 7mm, means you can cover a larger area, quickly, with less strips.

Our range of PVC sheet is also compatible with our hanging systems allowing you to create screens easily, even combining the sheeting with our narrower strips for pedestrian access if required. 

The plastic sheet is also useful for other applications such as producing placemats or cutting mats for crafts.

With our experience in processing PVC and rubber sheet, and our wide range of machinery including oscillating knife, CAD/CAM cutting tables we can also supply PVC sheet in strips or any required shape for your application.

Grades of PVC Sheet

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